Nordkväde was Formed in late 2017 by Marcus (strings) and Olle (vocals) with an intention to create black metal with an old-school, Nordic and rock n roll touch. two songs was recorded and released as "Demo Ett" on cassette in september 2018. After this a contract was signed with naturmacht productions.

12-02-2019: Fallen Temple Records re-released "demo ett" as a 7" gatefold vinyl.

28-09-2019: Naturmacht Productions released "Visdom & Makt" on vinyl, Cassette, Jewelcase CD and A5-digipak Cd.

01-10-2019: we released an ale flavored with meadowsweet, brewed by Walhöll Brygghus and us. It can be ordered from systembolaget.se.

10-12-2021: The single "förslavad" was released digitally. Physically it is only invluded on the first Urkraft compilation cassette.

"Stenar ska resas till vårt minne och runor ska ristas igen..."